Life Hacks – 3 Things Every SDR Should Do in 2021

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How we increased our productivity by 250% | Nave

Sales is effin hard.

Most targets are designed to only have 65% of their reps hit quota. Which puts you at a MAJOR disadvantage from the jump. Then add the following:

  • Account Executives busting your ass for better leads
  • Once a new month approaches your board is wiped clean. No matter how well you did the month before.
  • Managers might be constantly shadowing your calls or “micro managing” your touchpoints.
  • Limited opportunities for promotions.

Now, lets add in a flippin’ pandemic, maintaining a relationship with your loved ones and trying to stay healthy.

Life’s not easy right now.

Here are 3 things you can do starting tomorrow that will pay off in the long run.

1) Always have a vacation booked within the next three months.

  • This will help you stay productive and motivated. It’s a short term goal you can work towards and at the end of every quarter you have something to look forward for!

2) Save 50% of your commission paycheck.

This is pretty self explanatory. If you’re a fresh grad and you’ve been fortunate enough to land a job at a tech company in sales, it’s likely you’re probably making more money then most your friends. Be wise! Build long term wealth! The last thing you want is to be reliant on commission checks for your rent. You don’t need that type of stress.

3) Do not work more then 45 hours a week.

There is no honor in working 50-60 hour work weeks. There is absolutely no reason why you can’t make 80 touchpoints per day between 9-5. If you find yourself working long hours it’s could be a few reasons

  • You’re disorganized. Get an agenda planner and document how you spend every hour of the day.
  • Your sales ops is a mess. Find the problem, look for a solution, let your manager know. Trust me, they’ll be thankful.
  • Your company stinks. If EVERYONE is working this long. Take your talents elsewhere.

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