Start Up Founders

I’ve helped three tech start ups in the last five years generate over 14 million dollars in net new annual revenue. Managed a total of 25+ Account Executives, Account Managers, Business Development Representatives and Sales Development Representatives. My approach to sales is simple. Build a process that’s measurable, flexible and scalable, while having a kickass time doing it.  

Supercharge your startups growth

Start up Sales Coach

I have helped several tech startups grow their sales from a few thousand in monthly recurring revenue to millions.

If you are a startup founder you’ve heard this term before from any board meeting with potential investor.

“Mr/Mrs founder, we need you to build a repeatable, scalable sales engine.”

Well, what the heck does that even mean?

  • Do you have the right tools in place to track every single lead that hits your CRM? (Do you even have a CRM?)
  • Is your team consistent across all departments in messaging? How aligned is your marketing and sales team?
  • Do you have the right scorecard to measure how your leads pass through your funnel?
  • Are you able to score leads and optimize your lead generation to lower customer acquisition costs?

Ahmed was able to help transform Mavencare from a start up at that was in one market with 300K in monthly recurring revenue to a start up that was in three markets making over a million dollars in monthly reccuring revenue.

Andre Jodha, Director of Inside Sales & Customer Experience