Get the Job: 3 Ways to Stand Out

Last week, I wrote an article about picking the right start-up to launch your career in tech sales. I’d recommend giving that a read first. The last thing I want is for you to develop the craft of a perfect resume and outreach only to land a job at a shitty startup. 

But! If you’re ready for it, here’s my formula, and here’s what I found helps candidates stand out.


Personalize, Numbers, Passion. If you can do these three things in your outreach you’re going to move your resume from the inbox of where thousands of resumes I and other hiring managers get, to into our calendars with scheduled interviews.

Personalize: There are a ton of ways you can apply for a job. LinkedIn, Indeed, via a recruiter, etc. If possible, always apply directly from the companies website. You want to highlight you took the time to do some research on the company and you didn’t just click on the first fifty postings you found on Indeed. 

Secondly, always send a note to the recruiter or hiring manager after you’ve applied. A connection request along with a note via LinkedIn goes a long way.

I once had a candidate reach out to a few reps on my team asking what it was like to work at our company. He asked about culture, how I ran the team as a manager, and what our values were. 

The next day I had two of my SDR’s tell me to look our for an application through our website because they thought he’d be a great fit. One month later, he got the job.

Numbers – In sales what you’ve accomplished is easily measurable. So if you have any sales experience at all please highlight this! And be specific! Do not tell me, 

“I hit quota in 2019” 

Tell me, 

“In 2019, I generated 86 qualified appointments leading to $563,000 in pipeline revenue and $125,000 in closed revenue. This put me at the top of my team and 124% to my annual quota.”

Both say the same thing, but you see the difference? 

If you don’t have sales experience don’t be afraid to talk about your grades, other jobs where you had KPI’s, simply don’t be afraid to brag! 

Passion – Find a subsect in tech you’re passionate about! It could be financial planning or it could be healthcare.  We’re watching tech disrupt industries across the board. Don’t just pick any vertical, find something that excites you. 

Highlight a passion for the role & company too. Don’t be afraid to share your honest thoughts that’s how you unlock your passion and come off as authentic. Even if you may feel slightly over your head, or that you don’t fully understand the role the last thing you should do is B.S it. As long as you come across that you’re excited, eager & coachable you’ll go a long way. 

Fortune favors the bold. 

5 Steps to Hiring the Perfect Sales Rep - SalesForce Search

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